Should I stay or should I go now? When to quit to chase work you love.

When To Quit Your Job To Chase The Work You Love


This Episode’s Question
Ingrid says she’s pretty close to knowing what she wants to do with her career. And she even has a list of potential employers collected. These are companies where she could put these new ideas to use. Yet she’s just not sure of the timing.  She’s afraid once she actually gets into the career change…will she still be happy? Will she have picked the right thing?


She asked, “Is it okay to go after what I think (at least right now) my dream job is…simply because I need to have the experience of it to know what it is all about? Or do I need to know exactly what my dream job is before I go after it.”


What You’ll Learn In The Audio
– Whether to take the risk of the grass not being greener in a new job. Sometimes you worry that you might be romanticizing the role or the company. Or you worry that the interview process is not what the “real” day-in-a-life will be like.

– How you can Happen To Your Career rather than slugging through your work days by letting career “happenings” get imposed upon you. Note: you’ll get some super special Scott Anthony Barlow wisdom in this department. And you’ll leave wanting to subscribe to his podcast. Also be sure to grab his eBook on What Career Fits You. I hear complaints every week from people who don’t know what they want to be when they grow up (even when they’re 30 or 40 or 50 years old). Scott is so ninja at helping people figure out what fits. This guy rocks.

– Examples of times when a dream job didn’t turn out as planned. Yup, even your hosts have experienced these “wrong” turns and came out on a great note. And why you should go for it…even if it turns out to be one of your “not it” roles you’re bound to experience in your career.

– Why it’s good to go through some career conflict and get outside of your comfort zone. You’ll become more self-aware, you’ll know better what your strengths are, and you’ll get clearer on what you want.

– If you don’t try it, you’ll miss the chance of knowing whether this is “it” for you. And why not? Because what you want and need today won’t be what you want and need in the future. You’ll keep changing, growing, and evolving as a person. So go for what feels right today because it will change tomorrow.

– Humans are wired with a survival instinct. You’ll tackle pain head on. It’s your fight or flight response. You’ll take risks to avoid pain. Yet when it comes to gain, humans take far less risk. That’s why Ingrid’s feelings and question are 100% normal. To get massive career happiness, sometimes you have to take risk on the gain side. And it’s a lot tougher to muster up the courage on that end.


Resource of the Episode
At Happen To Your Career, you can find a  14 day course on how to figure out what you want to do with your career.  There’s no charge. What a super resource to get you started.


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