StrengthsFinder Resources – Explore Your Top 5 Talent Themes

StrengthsFinder Resources - How To Learn More
After you read the book StrengthsFinder 2.0, you might be wondering what else you can do to learn about your CliftonStrengths.

Good news (and be a good way), this page could give you hours of content to study.

What Will You Learn About Your Strengths?
As you dig into each of the 34 pages, you can learn more about your own talent themes. You'll see:

- Yucks and Yays:

    Yays are things you would tend to enjoy at work. Yucks are things that tend to feel like soul-sucking drudgery.

- Starved and Fed:

    This category is all about perception from others. If your talents are starved, they can be blind spots. If the talents are fed (and are showing up as strengths), you'll see lists of ways you can be perceived at your best.

- Honored and Insulted:

    This section gets down to your values. You'll see things that might make you redline and get firey-angry (things that insult your talent themes and values). You'll also see things that make you feel right at home - these are the cultures and situations that honor your talents.

What Will You Learn About Other People's Strengths?
You'll get ideas for managing to each strength - awesome for people managers.

Finally, if you know your teammates' strengths, this is a good resource to use if you want to connect with them better or write an important email that seems more on target with their interests and preferences (AKA actually get it read and considered because you communicated from their point of view).



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