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How To Embed StrengthsFinder In Your Company After Training – With Murray Guest

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Building Culture By Hiring For Talent and Aligning with Company Values

10 Ways To Improve Your Company Culture

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5 Career Lessons From Grandma – With Lisa’s Grandma Venetta

How To Decide On Your Career Move – With Kim Ades

Create A Strengths Habit – With Michelle McQuaid

Wellbeing Through Strengths – With Matt Swenson

Collaboration Activities For Work – With Gary Ware

Join Up Dots: Your Career Journey Has Patterns – With David Ralph

6 Ways To Spark Creativity at Work – With Melissa Dinwiddie

Build A Well Rounded Team, Not A Well Rounded You – With Jim Collison

Should I Quit My Job This Year? – With Ben Fanning

Can I Change My Job Without Leaving? – With Jessica Rhodes

Influencing Through Strengths, Not Persuasion – With Andy Sokolovich

Engage Employees Through Strengths – With Grace Laconte

Create Customer Focus Through Strengths – With Mike Ganino

How To Deliver Better Presentations At Work – With Michael Port

Don’t Sell Your Ideas At Work – There’s an Easier Way

Build Relationships At Work Through Your Strengths – With Jason Treu

Tie Your Personal Brand To Your Natural Talents With Ryan Rhoten

Stand Out With Strengths At Work – With Dorie Clark

How To Find A Dream Job – With Scott Barlow

Questions You've Asked About Using StrengthsFinder In A Corporate Setting

How Can You Apply StrengthsFinder To Regular Work Situations?
Is StrengthsFinder Good For Team Building? Will it help us resolve our differences?
Will StrengthsFinder Give People Permission To Be Lazy And Avoid Work They Don't Like?
Will StrengthsFinder Make People Want To Quit? Will it address job fit?
What's Better For Team Building And Team Culture - StrengthsFinder or DISC?

Personal StrengthsFinder Resources: Real Examples From Each CliftonStrengths Talent Theme

StrengthsFinder Resources That Show The ROI and Make A Business Case

Finally, What In The World Is The Correct Name?

People often ask: Is it officially called StrengthsFinder, CliftonStrengths, StrengthsFinder 2.0?

It gets crazier when people try to spell it. Where does the "S" go? Is it StrengthsFinder or StrengthFinders or StrengthsFinders? It's StrengthsFinder - think of it like the tool being the finder, so there's only one finder. And you have many strengths, so that part is plural.

Then combine the "S" question with whether it has a space. Is it Strengths Finder or Strengths Finders or Strengths Finder? It's StrengthsFinder. It's all one word.

Then, layer in the fact that the assessment is now officially known as CliftonStrengths to honor Donald Clifton, the psychologist who originally created the tool. Many of us, inside and outside of Gallup still use the "StrengthsFinder" terminology because it's what our clients know and use. The book StrengthsFinder 2.0 is so popular (I've heard that it's the #1 selling book on all of Amazon) that it creates an ongoing momentum for that name. So think of it like this: CliftonStrengths is the formal name, while StrengthsFinder is a nickname and book name.

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