Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of operations, sales, and marketing systems? Tools for Coaches can help.

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Reasons You Might Need Tools for Coaches

Selling seems scary or icky

Whether you fear sales, or have had bad experiences in the past, you're normal if you've realized coaching and training businesses require a lot of selling. Good news, I can show you how to do it with integrity and confidence. With no ick-factor.

Customer-facing documents look "rookie"

If you enjoy nice design, yet you don't know how to do it, you can get access to my templates. I am an open book for my members, and I'm happy to share templates. Whether it's handouts, workbooks, course descriptions, bios, decks, or one-pagers, there are dozens of templates you can make your own.

You want to maximize what you've built

If you want to quickly add professional ideas and resources to your own lineup, come borrow mine. For example, if you want to see a Statement of Work template or Course Description tempate rather than spending 30 hours searching online, use my template and save yourself dozens of hours.

Your business is new

There's so much to do when you start. Branding, bank accounts, entity setup, insurance, software tools - the list goes on and on. In our membership, you can ask me anything. Come into this circle and hear from members who have been doing this for 10 years. Shortcut your learning curve.

Marketing funnels seem overwhelming

If you get the deer-in-the-headlights look when you think of marketing funnels, I can help you simplify. I can show you how to set up email sequences that nurture customers for years at a time.

You'd rather be coaching or delivering

It's normal. You're in this business because you love the craft. Then, if you feel that 70% of your time needs to be in marketing, selling, and operations - you lose your sparkle. Borrow my tools and get your shine back.

Tools for Coaches - how the membership works

Monthly payment: Only $100 per month. I hope you'll stay for at least 6 months because the community is so much better when you're using the tools together, over time.

Is it for CliftonStrengths coaches only? No. Any coach, speaker, or trainer will fit right in.

What's included? Here's how it works:

  • Tool of the month - every month, you'll get a new tool, template, or system that you can take and make your own. This compounding effect will build over time so that you have an incredible amount of systems implemented. You'll get things I spent thousands of dollars (and years of time) making. Plug it in so you don't have to take 5 years building it.
  • Get it done co-working call - Monthly, live implementation-call via Zoom. This is where you implement the tool of the month and make your version of it. You do it with full support and troubleshooting when you get stuck.
  • Facebook group - Members only. This is where you can ask, share, and get support.
  • Member vault - every tool and co-working call will be available later. Zoom calls will have replays. Tool templates will stack up for you to use, as the situation arises in your business.
  • Member pricing - you get 20% off any 1:1 coaching you buy outside of the membership
  • Affiliate bump - you get 20% MORE than any regular affiliate when you're an active member. For example, if the regular affiliate rate is 40% of the sales price, you'll earn 60%.
  • Directory - get listed on our Meet the Team page as a Recommended Coach, Speaker, or Trainer. This page brings us many inbound leads per year (less cold calling!)

BONUS 1 for Inaugural Members - you get to vote on the direction of Tools for Coaches. I'll send a draft of the first 12 months. You can upvote and downvote topics to be sure we hit the most powerful tools and systems for you, in your order.

BONUS 2 for Inaugural Members - for the first 6 months, the co-working calls will be 90 minutes long rather than 60 minutes. During that extra time, you can ask me for any tool, template, or resource in my business. I'll share as many as we can do, live. Think about workbooks, handouts, decks, course descriptions, bios, contracts, digital products, project plans, and other things that you might want to borrow and make your own. Now that's Tools for Coaches!

BONUS 3 for Inaugural Members - copies of digital products, valued at over $800. These can be re-made to be sold as your own, or sold as an affilate.

Lisa Cummings 1:1 strengths coach [action photo in zoom]. Get coached on CliftonStrengths with Lisa Cummings.

Meet your Coach - Lisa Cummings

Get coached from one of the most experienced in the industry. You can see Lisa featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, TEDx, and Forbes.

With an MBA and experience as an entrepreneur, she brings you a fun-loving approach, focused on getting results and living the life you've designed (rather than the one you stumbled into). She has owned several businesses that scaled nicely in both revenue and lifestyle (3-day work week anyone)?

Lisa’s Top 5 CliftonStrengths Talents
Strategic | Maximizer | Positivity | Individualization | Woo

Coaching Credentials
Lisa is a Gallup Certified strengths coach, and a Life Coach School trained life coach.

Fun Facts
She’s a drummer, hiker, and wildlife-trail-cam-muser (you’ll have to ask). Out of Colorado or Texas, depending on what weather calls.

What People Say about Coaching with Lisa

THANK YOU!!!! Yes I was yelling because I found so much value from our conversation.

Sallyann's photo

Sallyann H.

Lisa's coaching changed my life. She helped me see the subtleties in my Strengths and how they apply in my work and life. She broadened my understanding of each Strength, which helped me to use them for maximum impact. If you want to focus on your Strengths instead of obsessive over your weaknesses, Lisa is a dynamic, insightful, thoughtful and challenging coach.

Melissa's photo

Melissa H.

I was running on fumes and your encouragement through Strength Finders guided me through the process of finding what I'm good at. While I thought for years I would never start my own business because of a lack of courage, I realized it was because I lacked clarity. The past 20 months have afforded me the opportunity to figure that out and I wanted to say, thank you!

Kim's photo

Kim B.