List Of Yays - Get Energized And Find Work You Love

Yays by CliftonStrengths Talent Theme: Find Work You Love


Achiever - Completing lots of milestones, tasks, projects, or to-dos; checking items off the list — you worked hard and got things finished

Activator - Getting things kicked off — being the one to press the proverbial Go Button; creating momentum for the team when it has been stagnant

Adaptability - Taking immediate action and working "on the fly"; unexpected detours are energizing because you revel in change

Analytical - Getting to look for simplicity and clarity through data — when others glaze over at the thought of a deeper analysis, you get excited; being asked to bring the level-headed view when others are in a heightened emotional state

Arranger - Knocking out lots of to-dos and project responsibilities by working through other people — figuring out who can do it best and fastest and pressing the go button; freedom to be flexible and manage through change in the moment

Belief - When the team prioritizes and even sacrifices for what's most important; getting to do things the right way, and being around others who want to as well

Command - Getting asked for a direct answer — when people want you to "cut to the chase"; pushing back or speaking up when an issue has been hiding

Communication - Connecting people or meaning through words; making meaning or memorable explanations through stories

Competition - Turning any mundane task into a game or challenge; winning — it's fun to win personally, and it also feels good to help other people win

Connectedness - Getting to integrate parts into a whole — seeing how people and ideas map together; exploring the mystery in things, and seeing the threads of commonality

Consistency - Increasing uniformity and equality; creating repeatable processes or standard operating procedures

Context - Researching past situations to apply lessons today; learning the backstory about how you got where you are today so it can be applied to your current team

Deliberative - Exploring and uncovering possible risks; cautiously considering next steps; getting to think carefully and make informed decisions

Developer - Being involved in developing other people at work; seeing and supporting human growth and potential

Discipline - Creating and following a plan; meeting deadlines

Empathy - Catching an emotion that mattered and using that moment to do something good; noticing what others didn’t see, and allowing that to surface

Focus - Working on a project until it is finished rather than changing course regularly; doing one thing at a time — keeping a singular, deep focus

Futuristic - Imagining what could be and what the possibilities are; seeing and envisioning a better world

Harmony - Finding alignment that helps the group perform; using interdependence to get to the best outcomes

Ideation - Getting asked to contribute no-limits thinking; working in an organization with a concerted innovation focus

Individualization - Seeing the unique human potential in each person; providing or receiving personally-relevant career development opportunities

Includer - Shrinking the gap between in and out groups by making room for more viewpoints; seeing the emotional intelligence of the team expand

Input - Curating resources for the team that can be applied to current or future projects; research aimed at a current job or industry trend

Intellection - Being offered time to think deeply about both the theoretical and practical; having time to get thoughts together before reporting out or sharing opinions in the group

Learner - Exploring many interests and being able to follow newly discovered paths; learning as many things as possible, and keeping variety levels high

Maximizer - Quality — living out the concept of taking things from "Good to Great."; focusing on what works — you love to bring potential into fruition

Positivity - Working in a lighthearted environment, or being encouraged to bring your fun-loving spirit; receiving and giving praise on what's right about people

Relator - Spending time with close friends and family; building deeper relationships with your inner circle, and feeling the trust deepen

Responsibility - Showing that your word is your honor, even when the activity seemed impossible to finish when promised; following through on commitments, and then seeing how it builds more trust and respect

Restorative - Being asked to find bugs or uncover flaws; diagnosing problems, especially challenges that have left others baffled

Self-Assurance - Influencing others through your certainty; bringing clarity to ambiguity; being trusted to be independent and self-sufficient

Significance - Accomplishing weighty, world-moving things; making a difference, especially with results that will leave a legacy of importance or meaning

Strategic - Thinking about 101 possibilities and then quickly picking the best one; stripping down a complicated business model into something simple and clear

Woo - Meeting and greeting strangers — you easily take social initiative; everyone is a friend you haven't met yet

How To Find Work You Love In Your Current Role

That's right! You don't have to change jobs to discover your passion or find work you love. It's often right under your nose, and you can find it by exploring your strengths zone.

This list of "Yays" will help you uncover the environment that supports your highest potential at work. These are personal to you. One person's Yuck is often another person's Yay. That's why it's great to have these conversations as a team. If you've been looking to get unstuck or find your passion, this will be a more unique angle than you've seen online thus far.

Identify your top 3-5 most energizing Yays. The more time you can spend your day here, the more you'll get in flow and feel the trifecta of ease, energy, and enjoyment on the job. Keep in mind, this might represent your ideal work culture, yet it will look different for every person. When you find work you love, you might notice it's work that others loathe (handy, right!?).

That's why it's awesome to communicate these with teammates because you can do a strengths-swap and trade your Yucks for their Yucks (which are your Yays). In my favorite Yuck-Yay swap, I traded my pivot tables for my teammates PowerPoint making. We were both happier and more productive from a 5-minute task switcheroo. Find tasks you love, and swap. Within months, you might just find yourself in a job you love - all without quitting or changing roles.

By our definition, a "Yay" is a situation at work that boosts your energy or makes you feel productive. It's work you love. It's work you wish you had more of. Yays are also things you see on your calendar or to do list that make you think, “yay, fill my days with this."


Accomplishing significant things

Bringing certainty to ambiguity

Catching an emotion that mattered

Cautiously considering

Checking items off the list

Close friends

Concerted effort at innovation

Connecting through words

Creating & following a plan

Creating meaning through stories

Creating momentum

Creating repeatable processes

Curating resources for the team

Developing others

Diagnosing problems

Doing things the right way

Exploring risks

Exploring the mystery in things

Finding alignment

Finding bugs

Focusing on what works

Following many interests

Following through on commitments

Freedom to be flexible

Games or challenges

Getting the backstory

Getting things kicked off

Going deeper with inner circle


Imagining what can be

Immediate action required

Increasing uniformity

Influencing others

Integrating parts into a whole

Learning as many things as possible

Light hearted environments

Looking for simplicity & data

Lots of milestones complete

Making a difference in the world

Meeting deadlines

Meeting new people

No-limits thinking

Noticing what others didn’t see

Offering level-headed view

Pondering before reporting out

Possibilities thinking


Presenting ideas to others

Pushing back when others won’t


Quickly considering all options

Relevant development


Researching old to apply to new

Sacrifices for the important

Seeing a better world

Showing my word is my honor

Shrinking the gap between in & out groups

Tapping human potential

Time to think deeply

Unexpected detours

Using interdependence

When people want a direct answer

When social initiative is needed


Working on one thing at a time

Working through others

Working until a project is complete