How Are You Perceived At Work When You're "Feeding" Your Strengths Zone?

How You're Perceived At Work With Fed Strengths (Mature CliftonStrengths Talents)

Achiever - One of the hardest workers on the team; a pace-setter to show others the outputs that are really possible if they get in their flow; diligent employee and teammate who focuses on accomplishment of goals

Activator - You show people that dreams are merely wishes if you don't get started — you inspire them to take the first step, or you model the courage yourself; a catalytic spark of energy for the team — people will often follow your lead because you confidently get things going

Adaptability - Fully present and in this moment — your attention makes others feel important; great at flowing with the needs of the business; a change agent for the team because you model that there's an upside to supporting the change

Analytical - Dispassionate; the ultimate truth-seeker — even when you don't like the truth, you want to find it through data; objective and clear thinker, especially in trend spotting and decision-making; logical problem solver, even when others are stuck in emotional reactions

Arranger - Organizes moving parts; collaborates; sorts puzzle pieces

Belief - Passionately lives out core values, even at work; has clarity and conviction — people know who you are and what to expect of you; inspired by purpose and lives it out

Command - Clear; decisive; persuasive

Communication - Brings attention to critical messages; expressive; great with words and positioning

Competition - Celebrates everyone's wins; has high aspirations for self and others

Connectedness - Brings inherent unity into clear view; highly present in every conversation; is "right here right now"; shows links among ideas and people

Consistency - Creates predictability; focused on group needs; brings efficiency

Context - Appreciative of predecessors; celebrator of history; connector of past

Deliberative - Risk spotter; conscientious; thorough

Developer - Patient; mentor to newbies; celebrates incremental growth

Discipline - Precise manager of details; maximizer of limited resources

Empathy - Makes the visceral explicit; gives a voice to people; spots hidden derailers

Focus - Intentional; prioritized; concentrated

Futuristic - Creates a picture of tomorrow; shows possibilities; forecasts downstream impact

Harmony - Calm, even-tempered; peacemaking; constructive

Ideation - Navigator of ambiguity; brings fresh perspective; brings ideas to help unstick

Individualization - Talent spotter; customizes to make relevant; potential finder and nurturer

Includer - “Welcome to the neighborhood” teammate; drives performance through diversity; gives quiet people a voice

Input - A go-to for team tools and resources; has a growth mindset; sharer of knowledge

Intellection - Conceptual, smart, deep; demonstrates wisdom and understanding; creates models for thinking

Learner - Relishes learning itself; curious; team’s early adopter and tester

Maximizer - Focused on excellence; tinkers to improve over time; finds efficient improvements

Positivity - Brings hope and optimism to the team; fun-loving; has contagious energy

Relator - Genuine; authentic; mutual relationship builder

Responsibility - Brings accountability to the team; deadline hitter; dependable

Restorative - Turning dysfunction into function; courageously accountable; patient problem solver

Self-Assurance - Confident, even in chaos; self-aware leader; helps people feel calm

Significance - Knowing others value your work; comes through when stakes are high

Strategic - Imaginative strategist; pathfinder; simplifies the complex

Woo - Highly likable teammate; energy-infuser; outgoing

This list of phrases will help you describe your strengths zone. When you feed and nurture raw talents, you can turn natural talents into strengths. That's why we call them fed strengths. It's a weird phrase, but it totally makes sense.

This inventory of words and phrases shows how you might be perceived when you're operating in your zone of genius. These are clues about what you look like when you nurture your natural talents and show up at your best at work.

Which of these have you heard during your career? Which of these phrases finish your sentence, "you're so good at being..." or "you're always..." or "I love how you are..." These are comments to notice because they give you clues about how you're perceived when you're at your best at work.

This is a great personal branding exercise - both individually or as a team if you're doing a CliftonStrengths training together.

A go-to for team tools & resources

Appreciates the wonder in things

Appreciative of predecessors


Brings accountability to team

Brings attention to critical messages

Brings efficiency

Brings fresh perspective

Brings hope & optimism to team

Brings ideas to help unstick

Brings inherent unity into clear view

Calm, even tempered


Celebrates everyone’s wins

Celebrates incremental growth

Celebrator of history

Change agent

Clarity & conviction



Coming through when stakes are high


Conceptual, smart, deep

Confident, even in chaos

Connector of past



Courageously accountable

Creates a picture of tomorrow

Creates models for thinking

Creates predictability


Customizes to make relevant

Deadline hitter


Demonstrates wisdom & understanding




Drives performance through diversity



Finds efficient improvements

Flows with needs

Focused on excellence

Focused on group needs

Forecasts downstream impact

Fully present



Gives a voice to people

Gives quiet people a voice

Growth mindset

Hard worker

Has contagious energy

Helps people feel calm

High aspirations for self & others

Highly likable teammate

Imaginative strategist

Inspired by purpose


Knowing others value my work

Logical problem solver

Makes the visceral explicit

Maximizer of limited resources

Mentor to newbies

Movement maker

Mutual relationship builder

Navigator of ambiguity

Objective thinking

Organizing  moving parts


Pace setter

Passionately living core values



Patient problem solver

Peace making


Potential finder & nurturer

Precise manager of details


Relishes learning itself

Risk spotter

Self-aware leader

Sharer of knowledge

Shows links among ideas & people

Shows possibilities

Simplifies the complex

Sorting puzzle pieces

Spark of energy

Spots hidden derailers

Talent spotter

Team’s early adopter & tester


Tinkers to improve over time

Turning dysfunction into function

When expectations are high

“Welcome to the neighborhood” teammate

Here's a pdf version of this list if you prefer to work from a downloadable copy.