Tie Your Personal Brand To Your Natural Talents With Ryan Rhoten

Tie Your Personal Brand To Your Natural Talents with Ryan Rhoten

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths

Ryan Rhoten joined me to chat about using your natural talents to understand and design your Personal Brand. If you want to have a rockin’ career, you need to know what your brand is (you have one whether you tried to or not). And then you can do branding efforts to leverage your personal strengths.


What You’ll Learn

You’ll hear a personal story–how Ryan discovered the importance of knowing how others perceive you at work (and on Google). You’ll see how taking the StrengthsFinder assessment was his starting point for understanding the talents he needed to lean into at work. And:

  • How you can take strengths like “Whiteboard Weirdo” and turn them into you biggest brand asset.
  • Using your natural talents so that you can consciously select your next job–you can use it as a way to vet job descriptions and work cultures.
  • If you’re feeling dread and misery at work…this episode might just reveal why.
  • What to do when you’re working with leaders who have an opposite style to yours.
  • Find out the difference between Personal Brand and Personal Branding. There IS a difference, and Ryan makes a cool distinction so you can align who you are with what you do and then market your strengths to the world.
  • What to do when you realize that your current job forces you into your weakness zone.


Resource of the Episode

You get four of them this time! Check out Ryan’s Personal Brand Assessment to see where you are today. Now that you’re excited to dig in further, check out Ryan’s Brand New You show. And he offers a full course called The Personal Branding Blueprint.


We also talked a lot about the StrengthsFinder assessment. If you grab the book StrengthsFinder2.0 you’ll get a code to take the assessment and learn your Top 5 Talent Themes.


Remember, using your strengths at work makes you a stronger performer. If you’re focused on fixing your weaknesses, you’re choosing the path of most resistance. So claim your talents. And share them with the world.


Strengths Tools

You’ll also find lots of StrengthsFinder, leadership, and team tools on our Strengths Resources page.



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