How Can You Bake StrengthsFinder Into Your Team Culture?

Customers constantly say, "I want StrengthsFinder to spark a powerful team-building moment. And I also want this to be more than a single-day event. How do we make this stick?" That's why Stronger Teams exists as a product: you want the momentum and performance improvements from your best off-site meetings. We give you 12x as many team building moments (one per month - spread over a year) for less than the price of an in-person retreat.

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Private - Training for Teams

  • Who is it for?

    Work teams, leadership teams, corporate universities, development programs. It's a great fit for newly-formed teams, team building events, or off site retreats.
  • What is it?

    Half-day training with your work group.
  • Are there size limits?

    Nope! We can lead an event with 4, 400, or 4,000.
  • Where do we meet?

    3 options:
    1. In-person at your venue
    2. Our virtual training rooms
    3. Online (self-paced)
  • How can you book a date?

    The best way is through the Contact Form in the Main Menu so that you get a realistic availability check on facilitators based on your target date and location.

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Public - Group Development Program

  • Who is it for?

    Work teams, leaders, strengths coaches, talent development pros, leadership development programs. You can join as an individual or a team.
  • What is it?

    1. Monthly (Live) Virtual Training - 1hr/month where you apply your strengths to practical business topics
    2. Activity Guides - 1-page guides to help you lead strengths-based conversations and activities with a broader team
    3. Strengths Vault - a library of strengths content you can study and use with your team
    4. Office Hours - monthly strengths Q&A, which is live streamed and recorded
  • What kind of memberships are there?

    Same product, with 3 ways to buy: 1. Individual 2. Team 3. Enterprise (>100).
  • How can you join the program?

    Click the button below to see pricing models.