Training For Teams: StrengthsFinder and Personal Leadership Through Natural Talents

Uncover Your Teams Natural Talents And Turn Them Into Strengths That Drive Performance (hint: our weakness-fixing-obsessed workplaces aren't working)

Team StrengthsFinder and Leadership Training Workshop Options


Training Program Overview

Standard in-person workshops are 1/2 day, and include a 12-week Activation Course (online) to make leadership and strengths a culture, not an event.

We're based in Austin, Texas yet we travel to do StrengthsFinder training all over the world. Our principal consultant, Lisa Cummings, has facilitated in 14 countries and can add your cultural nuance to the event. If you'll cover the hotel, we'll deliver in the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston metro areas as if they are local events (budget friendly option because you save on travel fees). There are also other facilitators available, so be sure to check in. Often, you can find a similar deal in Washington DC, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and other cities in Colorado.

You also have the option of doing live virtual events to cover as many as 300 participants at a time. This is a great solution for teams in international locations. Whether you have a globally dispersed team, or your training budget simply doesn't cover travel for your teams that are spread over one nation, virtual events are a fantastic option for remote, dispersed teams. These virtual events have become our specialty. Apparently, almost no one loves being on camera for live training, so we took that concept and dug in. We love these sessions, and your participants can feel the difference. They often arrive with the expectation of a "webinar" where the facilitator reads slides to them. This is 100% different. Here's more info on the virtual training philosophy.

Every training course includes a rich, blended learning experience so that a strengths-focus becomes part of your DNA:

  • StrengthsFinder assessment before event
  • Pre-event videos to help people understand the premise of strengths based development so that we can maximize application and learning in the event
  • Strengths App (iTunes and Android)
  • 12-Week Activation Course to keep applying strengths over time - every week, participants receive an email with a new video, worksheet, or application tip to apply their strengths on the job
  • Optional: upgrade to the full 34-Theme Report for a deep look at the intensity of the natural talents on your team

To get a sense for whether Lead Through Strengths is a good fit, check out some testimonials.

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