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How Can You Bake StrengthsFinder Into Your Team Culture?

Customers constantly say, "I want StrengthsFinder to spark a powerful team building moment. And I also want this to be more than a single-day event. How do we make this stick?" That's why Stronger Teams exists as a product: so you have an affordable way to continue to get the insights you get at your best off site meetings, without having to invest the time and travel expense to do it in-person every month.

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Private - Training for Teams

  • Who is it for?

    Work teams, leadership teams, corporate universities, development programs. It's a great fit for newly-formed teams, team building events, or off site retreats.
  • What is it?

    1/2 day training with your work group.
  • Are there size limits?

    Nope! We can lead an event with 4, 400, or 4,000.
  • Where do we meet?

    3 options:
    1. 1. In-person at your venue
    2. 2. Our virtual training rooms
    3. 3. Online (self-paced)
  • How can you book a date?

    The best way is though the Contact Form in the Main Menu so that you get a realistic availability-check on facilitators, based on your target date and location.

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Public - Group Development Program

  • Who is it for?

    Work teams, leaders, strengths coaches, talent development pros, leadership development programs. You can join as an individual or a team.
  • What is it?

    1. 1. Monthly (Live) Virtual Training - 1hr/month where you apply your strengths to practical business topics
    2. 2. Activity Guides - 1-page guides to help you lead strengths-based conversations and activities with a broader team
    3. 3. Strengths Vault - a library of strengths content you can study and use with your team
    4. 4. Office Hours - monthly strengths Q&A, which is live streamed and recorded
  • What kind of memberships are there?

    1. Individual 2. Team 3. Enterprise (>100).
  • How can you join the program?

    Click the button below for info based on each membership type.