Use Strengths To See 6x Employee Engagement

If your employees could be 6x more engaged and be 3x more likely to have a good quality of life, you'd take it, right? That's what Donald Clifton, inventor of Gallup's StrengthsFinder assessment, found in his research on using your natural talents at work. Those who use their strengths daily feel 6x more engaged than those who don't.

87% Of Employees Don't Dig Their Work

Only 13% of employees worldwide are fully engaged on the job (source: Gallup). To make this more disappointing, there's a well-established connection between engagement and: customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity, employee turnover, absenteeism, theft, safety, and quality. It's time to get this in order!

Only 38% Of Companies Meet Development Needs

According to a Blessing White study, only 38% of employees believe that their employer's approach to career development meets their needs. Help team members own their careers so they're not waiting on you for promotions and ideas for what to do next. When you invest in their natural talents, their strengths benefit both parties.

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Sample Speech

Speaking Topics

Event and Keynote Speech Topics

  • In A Career Funk: How To Find Your Mojo By Using Your Natural Talents
  • Rock Your Talents Because Your Weaknesses Make You Weaker (yes, real rocking will happen with your audience!)
  • Leading A Strengths-Based Team: Notice What Works To Get More Of What Works

When you bring Lisa to your event to speak, you’ll feel her experience fused into a strategic & light hearted package, with a solid dose of business acumen to back it up. To get a sense for whether Lisa is a good fit, read some testimonials below and check out the sample keynote video.

Lisa has experience building a strengths-based culture as a corporate executive. She has an MBA and is a Certified Strengths Performance Coach with Gallup, Inc., the biggest catalysts for and analysts of the strengths revolution. If you’re familiar with the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, you’ll ask, “what are your top 5 Talent Themes?” Lisa’s are Strategic, Maximizer, Positivity, Individualization, & Woo. Like you'd expect, she has put those strengths to use with over 9,000 participants in 14 countries.

TEDx Talk

We were lucky enough to have Lisa do our keynote address from the big stage. She did an excellent job connecting with her audience & providing them with provocative thought leadership. She was rated the #1 speaker at the two day conference.



Wow, Lisa really delivered a speech, I mean performance, I won't forget. She was captivating. She's professional, engaging and eloquent. She is a breath of fresh air and inspired all. The employers as well as the employees gained value from her speech.



I have had the chance to work with Lisa over the past 6 years with both domestic and international events. Lisa has a unique style that puts her participants at ease & eager to learn. You always leave her sessions feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take action.


Career Development Officer

Lisa is among the best—commanding presence, extremely personable and polished, terrific diction, crisp content & with great credibility in front of our worldwide audiences at all levels. I'd eagerly work with her again.


Program Director

Lisa helped us develop and train our marketers around the globe. She did an amazing job, went beyond her scope, came with creative ideas, and injected her sessions with tons of interaction and energy. It was a pleasure to work with her & I will hire her again.


Marketing Director

One of Lisa’s strengths is her ability to adapt her style to the audience. She took the time to get to know and understand our management team and our challenges. They were engaged and walked away from each session with valuable tools they could use immediately.


Corporate Controller

Get this: 65% of employees reported receiving zero recognition for good work in their last year on the job.

You don't have to be part of that nasty stat. Here's a downloadable packet with 127 ways to recognize your team.


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