Training for Teams: StrengthsFinder and Personal Leadership through Natural Talents

Team Strengths Workshops

If you bought the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 for your team and you're wondering what's next, you're in the right place. Our standard programs use your CliftonStrengths results to build a killer team culture.

Training Overview - What's The Approach?

The philosophy here is to serve your team with a program rather than a one-time event. That way, it doesn't become one of those flavor-of-the-month initiatives that gets forgotten in a few days. It happens in 3 steps:

  1. Pre-event training content - So that your team can start marinating on their strengths before the live sessions. This approach helps you get further when you're together in the live event.
  2. Live event (Not pre-recorded) - This can be a 1/2-day in-person workshop or a 90-minute virtual training. Either way, it's live so that everyone learns from each other in the room. We specialize in virtual training, so you can expect a dynamic and high-energy session with the on-camera delivery.
  3. Activation and reinforcement - Everyone gets a 12-week Activation Course (online) to make leadership and strengths a culture. There's a lot to soak in, so this allows people to keep strengths on their minds in small, bite-sized applications. Every week, participants receive an email with a new video, worksheet, or application tip to apply their strengths on the job.

How Long Are the Sessions?

  • 1/2 day for standard ILT (Instructor Led Training) where we're in-person and on-site with you.
  • 90 minutes for standard virtual training.
  • Ask about custom times. We've happily done everything from 20-minute kickoff speeches to 2-day immersive StrengthsFinder retreats.

Where Do You Train? (Everywhere)

We're based in Austin, Texas, yet we travel to do StrengthsFinder training all over the world. We have facilitated in person in 14 countries and can add your cultural nuance to the event.

You also have the option of doing live virtual events to cover as many as 500 participants at a time. This is a great solution for teams in international locations. Whether you have a globally dispersed team or your training budget simply doesn't cover travel for your teams that are spread over one nation, virtual events are a fantastic option for remote work teams. Apparently, almost no one loves being on camera for live training, so we took that concept and dug in. We love these sessions, and your participants can feel the difference. They often arrive with the expectation of a "webinar" where the facilitator reads slides to them. This is 100% different. Here's more info on the virtual training philosophy.

What If I Have a Giant Group And the Budget Is Too Small for Assessments?

No worries. We have versions of our training that don't require an assessment. Although we love the benefit of having CliftonStrengths results for the team, we can absolutely support you in doing an assessment-free training.

How Do You Do These Virtual Training Sessions?

Tech: We use a technology platform called Zoom. With Zoom, we get conversational options and teaching capabilities that other platforms don't support. For example, we can run apps from our tablet on-screen so that participants can see us playing a keyboard to make a powerful musical metaphor. It's also the only platform that hasn't caused issues with network security. The plugins required by the other platforms have caused significant hassles on big company networks, so clients love the seamlessness of Zoom.

Budget: You can send up to 500 participants at a time, so if "cost per learner" is a key metric for your company, this is a great way to make training inexpensive for large audiences. We can also make these personable and "intimate" for a 4-person team who wants to do a Brady Bunch-style video call and interact with everyone on video.

Interaction: You'll see us delivering on camera, and engaging in a large amount of chat (hundreds of lines of conversation per event).

Other platforms: After testing dozens of platforms, we found that participants have the easiest and most engaging experience on Zoom. We're also proficient on Adobe Connect, Go To Training, Go To Webinar, WebEx, Saba Cloud, and Webinar Ninja if you require that we use your technology (offer available if we do bulk scheduling).

How Many People Can We Bring?

As many as you'd like. We've done workshops for massive kickoff meetings and tiny teams. Whether it's a room of 4 people or 1004, we've got you covered with a facilitator who works well with that size range. For virtual events, our technology platform currently maxes out at 500 people.

Does It Matter If We're on the Same Work Team?

You can bring any mix.

Team-building: Many clients bring their intact work teams, and it allows us to give you more of a team retreat or get-to-know-you flavor that you want for an off-site meeting.

Corporate academies: We also do a lot of career development "open sessions" for corporate universities, conferences, company academies, or a general offering through a talent management or HR group. These are situations where employees can opt into the class from many different departments. We call it an "open session" style because it feels welcoming to all employees.

ERGs or Rotation Programs: These are also popular for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) who want to offer personal development when people in the room don't know each other before they come to the training. For Rotation Programs, they usually know each other well from the cohort, yet they don't work on the same team in their normal, day-to-day responsibilities.

What about Your "Rock Your Talents" Version with the Drums?

It's a high-energy, creative alternative for a team-building retreat - one where you want to get to know each other and have fun, yet learn some content too. Give us a holler to make sure the meeting space can handle the noise levels. Yes, you do get to "rock" your talents as a team with experiential exercises that allow you to have fun together while you're applying strengths-based concepts. We bring a differentiated approach to your participants by making the content stick with memorable musical activities.

How Do I Know If It's a Fit?

To get a sense of whether Lead Through Strengths is a good fit, check out some testimonials.

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