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We know, we know. A form on a website - bleh! In a bizzaro-world twist, they help us serve customers and strengths-seekers better. When we used to display email addresses, we were flooded with spam, nigerian money order offers, and ways to increase Twitter followers by 100,000 in four days. It kept us from seeing your legit messages. We're on the other side of the form. We promise.

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Attn: Lisa Cummings
Lead Through Strengths
8650 Spicewood Springs, STE 145-609
Austin, TX 78759

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Here's the skinny. This is a voice mailbox. Not many people use the phone these days, so we'd be hiring a full timer to stare blankly at the phone all day. This system helps us increase our time serving customers with more speaking & training availability in the field. Be sure to tell us the purpose of the call so we can prioritize it. +01.512.640.9194.

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