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Stronger Teams

By participating with people from different companies, job functions, and countries, you get an awesome mix of strengths perspectives. Get your whole team a membership if you can.

One product. Three ways to buy:

$1,100 USD Per Year

Individual Membership
  • Attend the live events and office hours by yourself and then share the ideas with your teammates on your own schedule. If you have an annual budget or "tuition reimbursement" for personal development training or conferences, this might fit right in for you.

    This is great for the self-proclaimed-personal-development-nerd (like us!) or for the team manager with a lower budget.

$2,750 USD Per Year

Team Membership
  • Do this membership B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Team) style. You already have a full-time job. You can't spend 20 hours a week playing StrengthsFinder trainer on the side. Rely on us to bring the team-building conversations instead. Relax and get fully immersed with your team.

    It's you + 9 more team members (up to 10 total). >10, you can add people to your membership for $300/each per year.

Custom Pricing for >l00

Enterprise Membership
  • A great solution if you want your entire department to join. For large companies, send everyone in a talent accelerator program or all people managers in your business unit. It's also perfect for talent development teams that need vendors to run their development programs.

    When you use the Contact Us form to get a quote, be sure to tell us how many team members you want to include.

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