How to Administer CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

Congrats! You're ready to learn the strengths of everyone on your team. If you decide to self-administer the codes, it will save you a good amount of budget (which can be significant savings for large groups). Message us on the Contact form if you want to hear the pros and cons. Mostly, its about where the manual labor happens (with you, or with us).

Top 5 price if you self-run the process:

~$22/person ($19.99 + your local taxes)

Full 34 price if you self-run the process:

~$65/person ($59.99 + your local taxes)

Top 5 price if WE run the process:


Full 34 price if WE run the process:


Once you've decided to self-run the process of getting CliftonStrengths codes for a group, you might need a hand with the steps. Gallup's software is powerful, yet also leads people to have a few questions. Here are all of the steps, with a few tips:

Step 0: Click through our Buy CliftonStrengths Codes link to purchase your team's codes. When you first get to Gallup's checkout page, be sure to Create an Account. You will absolutely want to do this (and not do a Guest Checkout) because it will allow you later to see which codes have been used by your team.

how to create an account for the strengthsfinder test

Step 1: Buying CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

Confirm the quantity of CliftonStrengths codes in your cart.

how to find the gallup store to buy strengthsfinder codes

Step 2: Buying CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

Add your billing info. This is pretty typical eCommerce. We recommend saving your info to save time if you think you'll add new team member codes in the future. If you select Business Purchase, you'll have full access to see the code usage status (whether your team has taken the assessment later). Of course, what you see below is only an example. You wouldn't want to use our business address.

how to purchase strengthsfinder codes for a team

Step 3: Managing CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

Now it's time to Manage Your Codes. Click Manage My Digital Reports to get into the good part.

how to order strengthsfinder test for the team

Step 4: Managing CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

This is the trickiest step because it's not obvious that the screen is clickable. Rollover your order info, and you'll see that you can click through to the next step.

how to get cliftonstrengths for the team

Step 5: Managing CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

Distribute the CliftonStrengths codes for a group. Click the button that says Distribute Codes.

How to distribute strengthsfinder codes in the Gallup system

Step 6: Buying CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

Choose which method to Distribute (Email Codes). Note: you do not want to do "Export Codes." If you choose that method, there's more manual work for you. Most importantly, you will not have any access to see who has completed their assessment.

How to email cliftonstrengths codes to a team

Step 7: Managing CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group - Email Codes

Enter each person's email address, one at a time.

how to get strengthsfinder for the team via email

From Here: Managing CliftonStrengths Codes for a Group

You've got this. From here, it's all you.

We recommend separately telling your team to expect these codes. Give them a deadline. Typically, we want to have your info 2 weeks out from your event. If you're using us to facilitate your training workshop, the timing is important because we need time to create your custom team charts, assemble custom materials, and ship the materials.

For some teams, that means giving people a 3-week-out deadline so that you can manage the couple of stragglers without a lot of stress.

As people are completing the CliftonStrengths assessment, ask them to give you their results. Use this Team Data Spreadsheet to collect the results. If you have a shared drive at work, or something like a Sharepoint, you can post this spreadsheet and allow everyone to add.

Once it is complete, send it over to us via email. We'll send you separate instructions for that if you're working with us to facilitate an event.