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What Do StrengthsFinder Colors Mean?

What do StrengthsFinder Colors Mean?

In this episode, Lisa answers the question: What do the StrengthsFinder colors mean? She describes the three things you need to consider when looking at your colors: your thoughts, your demands, and your filters. Have You Downloaded Your Strengths Tools? One of the best ways leaders can build a strengths-based culture is to offer an…

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Can Working In Your Weakness Zone Lead To Burnout?

Working In Your StrengthsFinder Weakness Zone

In this episode, Lisa tackles the topic of preventing employee burnout. She uses the example of an under-watered plant: if you see the leaves turning yellow, your first thought is to add more water. But sometimes yellow leaves are a sign that the plant is overwatered—by adding more, you’re just drowning it. In the same…

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