Yucks Inventory

Here’s an inventory of Yucks to help you uncover some situations that keep you from your highest potential at work. These are personal to you. One person's Yuck is often another person's Yay. That's why it's great to have these conversations as a team.

Identify your top 3-5 most bothersome Yucks. If you're spending the bulk of your headspace or work day there, you're likely to feel burnout or frustration.

By our definition, a "Yuck" is a situation, condition, or behavior you might experience at work that zaps your energy. Yucks are also things you see on your calendar or to do list that make you think, "yuck, if I never had to do that again I'd be thrilled."

A forgotten past

A ho-hum audience reception

A shrinking social network

A singular focus or path

Acting before thinking

An environment stuck in the past

Avoidance of the issue

Being alone and quiet

Being invisible or ignored

Being questioned

Being told how to do something

Blocking emotion

Broken promises

Chaos & confusion


Closed minded thinking

Closed mindedness

Coming in 2nd place

Constant friction among people

Contentment with status quo

Decisions without explanation

Delivering work that isn’t great

Details, details, details

Disappointing people

Dismissing people’s view


Doing what we’ve always done

Flying by the seat of your pants

Focus on feelings over facts

Going off on tangents

Hasty decision making & action

Job monotony

Know-it-alls in meetings

Lack of diligence around me

Lack of expression

Negative nellies

Networking events

No finish line in sight

Not adding value

Not being useful

Obsession with weakness fixing

One-sized-fits-all approach



Repeating the same mistakes

Resistance to necessary change

Rush to judgment

Slow decision making

Social discomfort of meeting new people

Stagnation or mundane work

Status quo obsession

Staying serious or dark for long stretches

Sweeping things under the rug

Things that can’t be proven

Treating every audience the same

Typecasting people

Unfair treatment

Unnecessary customization

Us vs. them mentality

Values being questioned

Waiting for things to start

Wasted emotional energy

Wasted potential

Wasting time

When people ignore issues

When there’s no measure of success

When you can’t find a resource for someone

Witnessing intolerance or exclusion

Work misaligned with beliefs