Stand Out By Using Your Strengths At Work – With Dorie Clark

Stand Out By Using Your Strengths With Dorie Clark

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths

Dorie Clark joined me to chat about using your uniqueness to Stand Out at work. If you want to improve your personal brand or reinvent yourself at work, this is a must-listen episode of Lead Through Strengths. We talked about applying your greatest strengths at work to help you stand out and boost your leadership cache.


What You’ll Learn

How to use a personal 360 to understand the starting point of your personal brand. She gives a rich version for those who really want to invest in their development. We also recount my experiment with her “Three Words Exercise” (great experience, by the way). That’s the super-fast version of the experience. And if you want an in-between commitment level when you apply it, here’s a resource she published in Forbes. It’s about asking for input via email.

  • Why I got called “Lady With Chainsaw” in my personal brand exercise.
  • How to stop sanding down your uniqueness and instead make it part of your brand.
  • Given that we’re moving more and more to a world where what’s different about you is what matters, she shows you how to own your unique gifts and articulate them as part of your professional reputation.
  • The story of a poet turned management consultant. You heard that right. It’s not a corporate exile who left to follow her art. It’s an artist who used that to her advantage in the boardroom.
  • Ideas for developing yourself as a thought leader, even when you’re internal to a company and feel like it might be an awkward place to build a platform.
  • Tips for breaking through the noise if you’re in a job transition and want to be the candidate that stands out.


Resources of the Episode

It’s a three-fer. Check out her books Stand Out and Reinventing You. She also offered up a free workbook where you can download 139 questions to reflect on your personal brand and career reinvention.
Dorie really packed this show with great ideas and resources today. You’re gonna love it.
Remember, using your strengths at work makes you a stronger performer. If you’re focused on fixing your weaknesses, you’re choosing the path of most resistance. So claim your talents. And share them with the world.


Strengths Tools

You’ll also find lots of StrengthsFinder, leadership, and team tools on our Strengths Resources page.



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