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Posts by Lisa Cummings

Virtual Training Layer #2: Root It In Digital With Virtual-Native Design

There are several experiences in the native-virtual environment that are extremely rich because technology allows us to do things that you can’t do when you’re in a traditional training room environment. Pre-Session Poll What Your Peers Say Annotations Apps On The Go (Mobile + Tool Downloads) Here’s a preview of each one: 1. Pre-Session Poll…


Virtual Training Layer #3: Light Up The Chat Box

This concept is seemingly simple, yet it’s our number one way to get the training room engaged. It helps us get to know them. It sparks conversation from the first moment. And it’s a hugely efficient learning channel because dozens of people can share insights at the same time. Unlike “talking over each other” that…

[Image] Week 9: Questions for Team Strengths - Implementing Strength Finders

12 Week Strengths Challenge

To get the questions in a weekly email so you can roll them out with your team over 12 weeks, click here to receive them in your inbox. The emails have extra details and examples beyond the questions you see in the images. You’ll get extra pointers for taking the conversation beyond the surface level…

This is a screenshot of the leadthroughstrengths.com/troubleshooting page

Virtual Training Layer #5: Offer A Gush Of Support To Learners

When you’re delivering to remote participants, someone is bound to have trouble accessing your virtual event. I suggest sending all of the support-love you can muster up in your event kickoff because, unlike other customer moments, having 300 people access a new technology all at once presents a unique blitz of potential stress. Here are…

Confirmation Bias

10 Cognitive Biases That Cramp Your Creativity At Work

  Confirmation Bias Short Definition Selective perception. Looking for affirmation of your beliefs, values, or hypotheses. Quick Example Soccer referee seeing fewer home team mistakes; teammate who ‘always does that.’ Creativity Cramping Example At Work You hear a rumor that your team’s highest profile project is getting cut. The next day, you see closed door…

Grace Laconte On Lead Through Strengths [episode art]

Engage Employees Through Strengths – With Grace Laconte

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths Grace Laconte joins us to help you lead through your strengths at work. You’ll find this episode especially useful if you manage a team or if you’re struggling to relate to colleagues. She also gives excellent insight into employee engagement. 6 Things You’ll Learn In This Episode Know You’re In Your Strengths Zone. What it’s…

Use Strengths To Create Customer Moments - With Mike Ganino [episode art]

Use Strengths To Create Customer Moments – With Mike Ganino

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths Mike Ganino joins us to help you lead through your strengths at work. You’ll find this episode especially useful if you manage a team and you’re trying to create a better culture at work–one that your customers can feel too. You’ll also love this episode if you’re fun and you like people who…

Stop Selling Your Ideas - with Ian Altman

Stop Selling Your Ideas At Work – With Ian Altman

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths Ian Altman joined me to bust the myth that you’re always selling ideas at work. In this episode, you’ll see instead how you should stop trying to persuade and convince. Stop trying to push your solution. Stop focusing on your value. And start focusing on their problems. Start serving them from…


Do More of What Fuels You

  The other day I noticed that my knee hurt when I did a crooked lunge during my workout. My first response was to try walking lunges, reverse lunges, regular lunges, and every angle possible. Without thinking about it, I was experimenting to see if I could replicate the pain.   What was the best…


Influence Through Your Strengths

  Ahhhh, relationships. They can make work a pain. Or they can make it beautiful. This week, pump up your relationship-quotient by focusing on not just what gets done, but how it gets done through one of your Top 5 Talent Themes.   Your Goal?   Watch How Your Talents Impact Your Relationships For example, do you…


Execute With Your Top Talents

  So you took the StrengthsFinder assessment. Is it hiding in a desk drawer somewhere? Don’t let this performance enhancing drug slip out of your hands. That’s right, it’s like doing steroids at work, only it’s legal. This week, pump up your execution by focusing on getting things done through one of your Top 5…


Link Your Strengths To Your Performance

  Pick one of your Top 5 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes and analyze it this week. In every meeting. With every task. Give it 30 itty-bitty seconds of your time to ask how this talent shows up on you.   Your Goal?   Watch how that Talent Theme influences your thinking and decision making. For example,…

Ryan Rhoten Episode Art

Tie Your Personal Brand To Your Natural Talents With Ryan Rhoten

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths Ryan Rhoten joined me to chat about using your natural talents to understand and design your Personal Brand. If you want to have a rockin’ career, you need to know what your brand is (you have one whether you tried to or not). And then you can do branding efforts to leverage your…

Dorie Clark Episode Art

Stand Out By Using Your Strengths At Work – With Dorie Clark

This Episode’s Focus On Strengths Dorie Clark joined me to chat about using your uniqueness to Stand Out at work. If you want to improve your personal brand or reinvent yourself at work, this is a must-listen episode of Lead Through Strengths. We talked about applying your greatest strengths at work to help you stand…