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Unrealistic Job Descriptions are Killing Me – How Many Of The Skills Do I Really Need?

What To Do When Unrealistic Job Descriptions Are Killing You

This Episode’s Question
I’m in the petroleum industry. I have a two part question. One is – how would you go about finding six figure job openings?  And then from there, how would you approach a very cookie cutter job description? They seem so rigid – as if no one would fit the qualities, skills, and experiences they’re asking for in that description.

What You’ll Learn
– How job descriptions get written behind the scenes

– Where to find six figure job openings

– Whether you should take all of the requirements seriously (education, skills, years of experience, competencies)

– When all of those things in a job description go out the window, and how applying “blindly” to job descriptions will not be your best bet

– How to get creative and get an interview, even if you don’t meet the criterion on the job description

Tweetable of the Episode
Find a job description you love, then find a person to get you in the door.

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Resource of the Episode
TheLadders – used to be 100k & above (only), now they’ve opened it up. They have salaries listed much of the time.
My favorite is Indeed– it’s an aggregator that pulls from many sites, and lets you filter by salary.