Major career shift – how to get someone to take a chance on you


This episode’s question
How do I  make the leap from an operational role to a sales role?


What you’ll learn
– That you’re not alone if this seems like a tough career conundrum.


– How you can make a major career change (even into an entirely new field) without having to start over in an entry level position.


– Ways that very small or very large companies can present great opportunities to switch departments or roles.


– How to go get real life practice in the newly-desired role rather than simply studying it from an academic viewpoint and crossing your fingers that someone would take a chance on you.


– Steps for building relationships with people who are already in the role: both your future colleagues and the leadership team.


Resource of the episode
Book –  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.


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As an international speaker and facilitator, Lisa Cummings has delivered events to over 11,500 participants in 14 countries. You can see her featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes. When she’s not out spotting strengths in people, you’ll find her playing drums, rescuing dogs, or watching live music in Austin, TX. Her Top 5 StrengthsFinder Talents are: Strategic | Maximizer | Positivity | Individualization | Woo.