Strengths Stories

I Will Be Dead Before I Stop Making Lists: Achiever Talent

Strengths Stories In Action—StrengthsFinder Talent Theme: Achiever I have lists everywhere: in my phone, in my productivity planner, on my notepad, on post-its, and random scraps of paper. And, despite all these physical manifestations of lists, there are about a thousand more of them in my head. I will be dead before I stop making…

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The “I Want To Be Awesome And I Want You To Be Awesome” Strength – Otherwise Known As The StrengthsFinder Talent Of Significance

“Would you lead the Christmas parade this year?” Sure. “Would you be the emcee for the end-of-year banquet?” You bet. “Would you represent the business school at the event in Monterrey, Mexico?” Well of course I would. “Would you develop and deliver a leadership program for a group of 75 non-native English speakers in Shanghai,…

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