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Is There Proof That Strengths Focused Development Works?

Proof StrengthsFinder Works Episode Ar

Strengths Focus For This Episode In this episode Lisa clearly answers the question, “Is there proof that strengths focused development works?” First, she presents a case study. It’s research from the University of Nebraska that proves focusing on strengths yields better ROI than training yourself in your weakness zone. Second, she offers the metaphor of…

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10 Culture Building Tips for Managers Who Want To Build A Strengths Based Team – With Merywen Wigley, Maya Tremelling, and Cheikh Tall of FHI 360

Maya-Wenny-Cheikh Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths This week Lisa chats with Cheikh Tall, Maya Tremelling, and Merywen “Wenny” Wigley, of FHI 360. Their amazing company is working in 70 countries to find cures for many of the world’s deadliest diseases, provide water for villages in Africa, and promote the health and well-being of all people. In…

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How To Use Your StrengthsFinder Report – With Pete Mockaitis

Pete Mockaitis Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths This week Lisa speaks with Pete Mockaitis, who joins us in a live example of what it’s like to explore your StrengthsFinder results for the first time. Pete’s Top 10 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes:  Ideation, Strategic, Learner, Activator, Input, Connectedness, Woo, Communication, Positivity, Individualization Lisa’s Top 10 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes:   Strategic,…

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Why Use StrengthsFinder With Your Team – With Adam Seaman

Adam Seaman Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths This week Lisa speaks with Adam Seaman. They chat about the difference between strengths and talents, as well as practical applications for your top strengths. This interview is a great introduction to what you can do with Clifton StrengthsFinder. Adam’s Top 10 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes:  Strategic, Individualization, Ideation, Intellection, Input, Adaptability, Command,…

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Create A Strengths Habit – With Michelle McQuaid

Michelle McQuaid Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths Today’s episode features Michelle McQuaid, the author of “Your Strengths Blueprint: How to be Engaged, Energized, and Happy at Work.” During this engaging interview, Lisa Cummings chats with Michelle about her personal experience using her unique Strengths. Michelle shares practical examples about how she made huge changes not only at work,…

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Boost Your Wellbeing Through Strengths – With Matt Swenson

Matt Swenson Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths This month’s episode features Matt Swenson, who is another StrengthsFinder all-star. He helps his clients use their Strengths to improve the well being of the whole person. Lisa’s interview with Matt provides cool tools to help you apply your natural talents to your wellbeing. If you are ready to create…

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Change Team Dynamics With Yes, And – With Gary Ware

Gary Ware Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths This month’s episode features Gary Ware, whose mission is to help people “energize their work.” If you find that your job is sometimes humdrum, and that your team’s ability to create new, innovative ideas is stifled, then this is the episode for you. Gary provides practical tools (and cool examples) you…

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Spark Your Creative Mojo – With Melissa Dinwiddie

Melissa Dinwiddie Episode Art

This Episode’s Focus on Strengths In this episode, Lisa has a fun conversation with Melissa Dinwiddie. Melissa is a multi-talented, creative person who lights up your day with her voice and enthusiasm! She helps her clients to use their strengths to get their mojo back when they feel like their innovation gene has left the…

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